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Your experienced, cost-effective, friendly and efficient property agent!

AlliedPM is a property management company based in Dublin.

We offer a full range of services relating to property

– the management of Apartment and Housing complexes
– the management of Commercial and Light Industrial units
– property letting and management of properties for our client’s private portfolios.

Our clients include property owners, management companies, property developers, builders and investors.

We are exceptional at building long-term relationships with clients who choose us to offer an efficient, cost-effective property management service in the Dublin area. We also manage private investor property portfolios and help investors to deliver profit.

The key to our continued success lies in our personal service and our ability to listen to our clients and take the appropriate action – promptly. 


Call us at 01 499 2215 or email us now!

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Property Management Service

Allied Property Management offers a full service to both management companies and developers.

Management Company Services

Our customers like things to run smoothly. Allied Property Management provides the following services for Management Companies... Read more.

Services to the Developer

Allied Property Management is held in high regard by our developer clients. With a background in the building industry, we understand what you need from a property management company... Read more.




Call us at 01 499 2215 or email us now! and we`ll quote you.


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